E²SERVICE: One window in the engine
for a fast diagnosis and maintenance

Our service software E²SERVICE is the perfect tool for engineers being responsible for all the challenges during engine development, test bed operation, commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting or simply in daily operation. It also allows to handle huge amounts of data created during engine operation for configuration purpose and performance optimization.

The visualization of E²SERVICE provides a clear structure to organize Big Data supporting different kind of user requirements on a single graphical user interface. Development engineers and analyst experts obtain fundamental data including a highest level of details during all engine operations. Service engineers are able to work focused on parametrization or configuration of openECS during commissioning and get a fast overview for solutions in case of troubleshooting.

Whether directly on the engine or remotely - both are possible at any time. With our preconfigured AVAT VPN-ROUTERS and AVAT CONNECT, which establish an encoded communications tunnel from the plant to a sector rendezvous server, authorised service personnel can readily log into a plant.


  • One compact overview for the genset status with option for manual operation
  • Reasonable grouped list of parameters for an easy access
  • Electronic operation log as event journal containing all events, messages, alarms or faults time stamp based including handling for acknowledging
  • Well-arranged display of all measured values including recording of the values
  • Graphical display of data history or trending
  • Snapshot to store complete "live" state information for e.g. offline examination
  • Combined views of parameters, characteristics and maps
  • Parameter set comparison and restoring
  • Signal or actuators check by manual test or activation
  • Search and filter function for a quick selection
  • Export of stored data in an open file format

Highlight: Combustion Radar

Simply in view - Combustion Radar visualizes the combustion characteristics of each cylinder in a single, multi-dimensional graph allowing the comparison of all cylinders at a glance. Causes for the cylinder differences can be evaluated initiating solutions to improve operation.