Continuous local and district heating supply

In the area supplied by Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim public utility, we implemented an intelligent and fully coordinated solution that automates the entire local and district heating supply from the transfer station controller to the central SE²OPERATOR control system via the freely configurable SE²MASTER energy center control equipped with the "Cluster Control” function module.

Hybrid combinations of modern CHP units, gas peak load boilers, heat pumps, wood pellet boilers and a large number of heat storage systems are currently in use in 22 different energy centers. In addition, a wood-fired cogeneration plant feeds into the district heating network and, as of May 2020, into Germany's largest ground-mounted solar thermal plant, which is setting new standards with a peak output of about 9 MW and a collector area of 14,800 square meters. This plant is combined with a 2,000 m3 heat storage tank and the merging of four heat networks.

As a result, we now regulate a total installed capacity of over 140 MWth and more than 10 MWel with a total heat network length of 67 km.

Thanks to the wide use of renewable energy sources and modern CHPs, more than 45,000 tons of CO2 are saved each year.

Customer benefits

  • Consistent, coordinated system solution with a homogeneous communication infrastructure
  • Higher-level control technology enables remote access to the energy centers and transfer stations
  • Transparency in the overall system allows the operator to monitor the plants at any time and provides detailed information on their status
  • High supply reliability and flexibility
  • Efficient and economical plant operation through optimized capacity utilization
  • 3 electricity price-based generators increase profitability and create additional revenues in the virtual power plant market
  • Remote maintenance and on-call service enable diagnosis and fast support since all systems can be accessed centrally