With more than 15,000 controllers, plants and systems for a sustainable energy generation, supply, management and optimization, we have revolutionized the control of energy systems many times over.

AVAT core principles

That is why the following applies: The longer you work with one of our solutions for decentralized energy generation and supply, the more you benefit from our core principles.

Principle 1:
Our solutions are

From gas engine controllers and energy station controls to grid control technology combined with our energy management system and connection to a virtual power plant: Everything communicates with each other homogeneously and easily and the control concept remains uniform.

Principle 2:
Our solutions are modular

An integrated system plus a multitude of interfaces are the best conditions for ensuring that your solution does not come "off the shelf", but rather is combined with modules individually tailored to your needs. That applies the same for hardware and software.

Principle 3:
Our solutions are expandable

Growth for our solutions is not an incision, but organic, unbroken development. As the operator, you respond only when larger capacities are really needed. But then it goes very fast.

Principle 4:
Our solutions are

Doesn’t sound so special? But it is: Project-specific adjustments on the software level normally requires programming work. That costs time and money, and comes with risk of errors. Our energy station controllers, on the other hand, offer easy, fast and secure configuration.