Superimposed control of the energy center in the residential district

Stadtwerke Esslingen tasked us with integrating the SE²MASTER into the expanded energy center of the Flandernhöhe residential district, a superimposed system that regulates the energy supply of the 700 residential units to date and a further 1150 in the future.

To ensure the heat supply in the district for about 3300 inhabitants, the existing energy center of Stadtwerke Esslingen in Ina-Rothschild-Weg was expanded. A new combined heat and power unit (CHP) with an output of 1.3 MWth and just under 1 MWel will immediately start generating heat and power there. Two buffer storage tanks with a total volume of 220 m3 enables storage of the excess heat that is generated. In times of increased capacity utilization, two peak load boilers with a total output of 3.8 MWth provide support with additional heat.

Customer benefits

  • Conversion and commissioning of the existing plant during operation
  • Buffer storage management with runtime optimizations for producers
  • Producer management for optimized use of individual producers
  • Integration of new CHP into the plant
  • The plant is linked to the heat conduction system of the Esslingen public utility
  • The plant is connected to a virtual power plant to optimize the use of the CHP

Picture of the project you will find at our news.