Service Software
for our control systems


Our service software E²SERVICE is the perfect tool to keep track of all challenges in engine development, on the test bench, during commissioning, maintenance, troubleshooting or simply in safe, daily operation. With E²SERVICE, the data generated during engine operation can be processed for parameter setting and performance improvement.

Highlight: Combustion Radar

Everything at a glance - the Combustion Radar displays the combustion parameters of all cylinders in a single, multidimensional graphic. This makes it possible to compare all cylinders at a glance and immediately draw conclusions about the causes of cylinder differences.

Advantages of AVAT E²SERVICE

  • A compact overview of the genset status with the possibility of manual operation
  • Sensibly summarized parameter list for a simplified view
  • Electronic operation diary as event log containing all events, messages, alarms or faults, including acknowledgements
  • Clear display of all measured values including recording
  • Graphical display of data history or trends
  • Snapshot for saving the complete "live" status information for e.g. later offline analyses
  • Combined views of parameters, data curves and maps
  • Parameter comparison and recovery
  • Control of signal or actuator devices by manual test or activation
  • Search and filter functions for quick selection
  • Export of stored data in an open file format