Jenbacher Retrofit
engine control system


E²CON-GE: The Jenbacher Retrofit for more flexibility and an independent gas engine.

Increasing the efficiency of gas engines in the context of modernization and new cogeneration plant operating concepts demand stable and performance-enhancing components as well as a more open and flexible gas engine control system. One that can keep the engine operating safely at the limit of its mechanical repowered parts while at the same time integrating it seamlessly into the cogeneration plant or into a whole network of plants.

With the Jenbacher engine specialized control system, system upgrades are straightforward while providing more options for your individual specifications.

The tailor-made engine controller for Jenbacher gas engines is a specialized control system which is open for all types of expansion. Functions, modules and subsystems harmonize with a high performance user interface to form a single unit. The application for Jenbacher engines covers all your known requirements.

Advantages AVAT E²CON-GE

  • A more flexible control system for performance-enhanced Jenbacher gas engines in the context of plant modernization
  • More possibilities to change your engine settings
  • Reliable knocking and misfire detection included
  • Grid and generator protection on board
  • Powerful built-in diagnostic and service tools
  • Remote and Smart Services on request
  • One system for the engine and the auxiliaries
  • Flexibly expandable and adaptable at all times
  • Update availability over many years
  • Independent and fast service
  • Professional support and consulting for plant optimization
  • Control of engine speed, power and air/gas mixture
  • Start/Stop sequences for island and grid-parallel Operation
  • Compressor bypass control and ignition management
  • High selectivity knock control of individual cylinders
  • Misfire detection with automatic power reduction down to engine shutdown
  • Monitoring of all sensors and measured values
  • CAN connection to the ignition system
  • Cogeneration plant control (peripherals)
  • Control and monitoring of all cooling and heating circuits
  • Fan control for dry and hybrid coolers
  • Control of flow-side temperature even in part load operation
  • Jenbacher series 3, 4, 6 gas engines
  • 400 to 3500 kW output range
  • 12 to 20 cylinders
  • Exhaust gas turbocharger with compressor bypass
  • Original throttle, bypass and mixer actuators
  • High voltage capacitor ignition system
  • Two-stage intercooler
  • Stationary cogeneration plants
  • Containerized system or installation in permanent structures
  • Synchronous AC generator, low or medium voltage
  • Island mode and Grid parallel operation
  • Grid code compliance
  • Auxiliary control covers Jenbacher scope of supply