AVAT - Energy Systems - Consulting & Planning

Efficiency up - costs and emissions down

Efficiency up, emissions down: This succinct requirement applies in all our projects. But that’s where the similarities usually end. And that’s a good thing. Because one of our strengths is the ability to put ourselves in your shoes. Regardless of whether you want to modernize existing plants or are in charge of planning a new one.

And regardless of whether or not you task us with technical implementation, we always have two things in mind for each project: It has to work. And it has to be profitable for you. This guides us in the allocation of inventory and definition of objectives, in project evaluations and feasibility studies – and even more so in our technical recommendations, including subsequent project planning and management.

Our goal: Sustainable concepts for the control, process, guidance and management levels, transformed into technical and smart solutions in which increasing efficiency and reducing emissions play the central role.

Modernisation and optimisation of existing plants

  • Consulting, baseline studies, problem analysis and weak-point diagnosis Concepts for efficiency improvement and emissions reduction
  • Increases in operational safety and system availability
  • Proposals for modernisation of control systems, plants, automation and control technology
  • Proposals for economically optimised engines and plant management
  • Strategies for your energy management
  • Supply and operating cost optimisation

Design of new plants

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project studies
  • Economic viability calculations
  • System analysis and process design
  • Automation and control technology concepts
  • Project planning and execution