AVAT - Company - Engagement

Even small impulses set big things in motion

Our network of employees, customers and partners spans the globe. But we are at home in Tübingen. That's why we operate globally and are committed regionally. Our aim is to build bridges - between responsibility and profitability, between today and tomorrow, to people who need an energy boost.

That's why we regularly support projects that help disadvantaged people and families, and donate our disused PCs to schools to promote digitization. A real affair of the heart, and not just for our CEO Frank Ganssloser.

Full of energy for our world of tomorrow

At AVAT, we always keep the big picture in mind. And for us that also means: Intact living conditions on our earth. We therefore take our responsibility for future generations and our environment very seriously.

We develop, produce and sell our products on the basis of internationally recognized standards for a high degree of sustainability. This includes, for example, consistent waste avoidance or the use of environmentally friendly production materials. Through our participation in a modern wind farm, we have been able to call ourselves a climate-neutral company since 2012. We also support projects in our home region that actively contribute to the further reduction of CO2 emissions such as the Tübingen climate protection pact "Tübingen macht blau".

37°C can be more energetic than the sun

Motivated and committed employees are the key to our company's success. Researching, tinkering, programming: Most of our employees have always enjoyed doing what they do for a living. Combining this professionally with technically smart solutions as enablers for the energy transition is the reason many of them have chosen AVAT as their employer.

In order to keep it that way, we support our employees to positively change their personal commitment to our environment with their know-how and promote their professional and personal development. We make sure that our employees always have enough energy - privately and for their work, with company health management as well as flexible and family-friendly working time models.