AVAT - Company - Our identity

Some companies are like good friends -
they often accompany us throughout our lives.

We are a promise to our customers and partners, employees and the environment. A promise with which we answer a single question anew every day: Why AVAT?

With enthusiasm and creativity, we work every day on flexible energy solutions that contribute to a more efficient use of existing energy resources. We want to make the world a little smarter. To make the use of natural resources sustainable. In this way, we are constantly making our contribution to the future for succeeding generations and to the world on which we live.

This is an encouragement to us: to live AVAT together, to experience it and to make it a little stronger every day.

Every company has a personality. Embodied in its philosophy, vision and mission, values and characteristics. In short: its own DNA. This is of course also true for AVAT. Because, in more than 30 years of company history, a company and a brand has benn created that has constantly evolved, is shaped and lives every day.

But what values does AVAT stand for? We have brought them to the point. More precisely - on our trademark, the red AVAT dot ...

From generation to plants to grids: Our range of services is unique. That's why we offer our customers a holistic view of everything to do with energy. Our highly qualified and experienced employees develop standardized products and tailored solutions in interdisciplinary teams and dynamic processes. For the demand-oriented use of existing energies.

We don't just want to satisfy our customers - we want to inspire them with our solutions. Our team takes a highly committed approach and applies its broad range of knowledge. Driven by enthusiasm for energy.

Flexible systems and technology components are our focus. To achieve the desired result efficiently, we work in a targeted manner. And we invest extensively in research and development. For us, smart engineering means the best possible adaptability of the individual components.

We work proactively according to the modular principle, which means that the various modules can be integrated quickly and precisely. With our flexible solutions, our customers achieve greater efficiency with significantly less effort.

As an independent company, we offer our customers all-round security and reliability. We attach great importance to partnership and economically attractive business relationships for both sides.

Long-term customer relationships and excellent references grow out of our thinking and acting. This ensures a stable business situation for our company. We have lived without dependencies on shareholdings, investors and banks for more than 25 years. This is how we consistently lead the company into the future.

We are guided by a clear mission statement. In which people are at the center. In which high standards shape our everyday life. Where enthusiasm, flexibility and dependability are lived every day.

This enables us to grow steadily and our employees to enjoy quality of life.