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Cogeneration-plant manufacturers and service providers for large gas engines are under increasing pressure to offer their customers end-to-end solutions. In addition to commissioning, predictive maintenance and related services, they must now provide efficient engine management, reliable remote maintenance and condition monitoring. To meet these diverse needs, service professionals require access to engine operating data at all times and from any location.

With our preconfigured AVAT VPN ROUTERS, which establish an encoded communications tunnel from the plant to a sector rendezvous server, authorised service personnel can readily log into a plant via AVAT CONNECT. Even more interesting for the future is data acquisition on central servers. With AVAT CLOUD Solutions, you will be able to design your comprehensive service offer even more predictably and economically in the future.

  • Rapid remote diagnostics by means of secure VPN connections
  • AVAT VPN ROUTERS compatible with all leading controllers
  • Stable, reliable data connections
  • Central overview of all plants and engines maintained
  • Customizable multi-client support
  • Qualified status and fault reports
  • Effective planning of on-site maintenance and service deployments
  • Less travel, reduced engine maintenance and downtime
  • Lower service costs
  • Increased plant cost-effectiveness
  • Quick and easy upgrading
  • Attractive terms and conditions



stable and reliable connection

To enable secure data exchange via the Internet, AVAT VPN ROUTER are connected on-site to the engine controllers. After successful authentication, the routers connect to AVAT CONNECT and establish a secure VPN link. Internet access is either via the operator's existing broadband network infrastructure or directly via a mobile device.


  • Optimized for openECS and TEM-Evo engine controllers, and can be connected to other engine and industrial control systems
  • Internet access via a network, WAN interface or modem (analogue, ISDN, mobile telephony up to 4G/LTE)
  • Secure connectivity via OpenVPN and integrated firewall
  • Rapid installation (mounted on top hat rail)
  • Network availability greater than 99%
  • High-performance data centre in Germany, with redundant connectivity

Especially for TEM-Evo

Our exclusive AVAT VPN ROUTER for TEM-Evo engine controllers feature a specially developed TEM-Evo-compatible serial interface and optimized device drivers. As a result, the system is extremely simple to implement - the routers enable plug-and-play installation. Cables for connecting the AVAT VPN ROUTER are included. The solution can be custom-configured and custom-managed.

Remote Maintenance


AVAT CONNECT: the portal
to networking of the services

AVAT CONNECT acts as a rendezvous server. Registered users can access the engines and plants they maintain worldwide via this server, and perform remote tasks via a suitable service software tool, e.g. E²SERVICE. Comprehensive data and user management features can be custom-configured in line with task-based requirements at any time.

Service professionals automatically receive relevant status and error notifications via AVAT CONNECT. They can then decide whether an on-site deployment is necessary, or whether the fault can be resolved remotely. This leads to less travel and cuts engine maintenance and downtime, significantly reducing service costs and safeguarding the plants' cost-efficiency.


  • Simple configuration of AVAT VPN ROUTERS without the need for specialist IT skills
  • Central overview and task-based management of all users and devices, custom-configurable
  • Customizable multi-client support with definable, user-specific rights
  • Continuous condition monitoring of the entire engine pool
  • Continuously updated engine output data
  • Customized automatic generation of status and alarm messages

Cloud Services


AVAT CLOUD: Motormanagement
bereit für die Zukunft und Big Data

A critical success factor for tomorrow's service models is the availability of large quantities of data residing in cogeneration plants and controllers. Outputs, engine speeds, the number of system starts, temperatures, pressures, voltages, fill levels, actuator and valvestatus are continuously monitored. All this operating data is stored and, to some extent, evaluated in the controllers themselves, and displayed via web-based tools.

Operators and service providers make active use of data from controllers installed on site. Visualizations showing how engine and plant data change over time are an efficient tool for extending service life and improving maintenance. Patterns are recognized rapidly by means of automated analytics processes, enabling the early identification of potential problems - and potential improvements.

Advantages AVAT CLOUD

  • Systematic early fault recognition and engine optimization
  • Predictive maintenance and replacement planning
  • Continuous forecast of availability and profitability
  • Long-term storage of operating logs, history and parameters

Sales and Service Partners

Trusted partners for your energy are characterized by competence and qualified expertise. Contact our Certified System Partners directly for integral consulting, planning, sales and commisioning as well as maintenance and repair services on site of our products and solutions.

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