Energy Management System


ISO 50001 compliant EMS
Energy Management System

Standard features with prospects no matter where your energy mangement will be in the future, you can already predict one thing today:

Our systems are open for your future plans. Whether "down" to other systems, meters and measuring points from our company or "up" to bulding control technology or billing systems.

Thus, our comprehensive Energy Management System SE²MANAGER is also a ready to use solution:

  • Topological representation of building structure, system locations and measuring points
  • Heat maps, Sankey diagrams, curve and bar graphs
  • Web-based reporting
  • Meter management including overview plans
  • Cost center allocations
  • Energy performance indicators (EnPI) according to ISO 50006 with relevance level function
  • Intelligent data logger for recording of all measuring and meter data

And the best thing:

  • New and existing plants can be connected with our onsite Control-Box SE²DAQ at any time