the digital age has begun

Cogeneration-plant manufacturers and service providers for large gas engines are under increasing pressure to offer their customers end-to-end solutions. In addition to commissioning, predictive maintenance and related services, they must now provide efficient engine management, reliable remote maintenance and condition monitoring. To meet these diverse needs, service professionals require access to engine operating data at all times and from any location. With AVAT VIRTUAL SERVICES comprehensive services become proactive, cost-effective, and easy to schedule.

With our preconfigured AVAT VPN-ROUTERS and AVAT CONNECT, which establish an encoded communications tunnel from the plant to a sector rendezvous server, authorised service personnel can readily log into a plant.

Even more interesting for the future is data acquisition on central servers. Software modules in the platforms assume the time-controlled or event-triggered transmission of data packets to central servers. Currently our AVAT CONNECT holds modules available for the display of status and fault condition forwarding. In this way you have, at all times, an overview of all your assigned plants and are immediately informed by the included Alarm function via e-mail or SMS in the event of malfunctions. A comprehensive system of rights assignment enables multi-client capability with selective, user-specific rights.


  • Rapid remote diagnostics by means of secure VPN connections
  • AVAT VPN ROUTERS compatible with all leading controllers
  • Stable, reliable data connections
  • Central overview of all plants and engines maintained
  • Customizable multi-client support · Qualified status and fault reports
  • Effective planning of on-site maintenance and service deployments
  • Less travel, reduced engine maintenance and downtime
  • Lower service costs · Increased plant cost-effectiveness
  • Quick and easy upgrading
  • Attractive terms and conditions