All sectors. All sizes. All parameters. All satisfied.

With us you get innovative, market-leading engine management systems for CHP gas engines which enable your plant to produce energy without failures. But, find out more about our comprehensive offering for complete EMSR equipment, including engineering for heating plants and energy centres.

Intelligent automation concepts have been introduced in all heat and power generation and supply processes by now. They are used in large heating plants with extensive local or district heating networks with heat transfer stations as well as in central heating systems, which are operated in contracting. Are as varied as the plants and their processes, so extensive are the demands on the control technology and the necessary control strategies.

That‘s what we call smart!

We help you with these tasks and offers an combinable modular system which is flexible and quickly adapt to special requirements. Your end users will be satisfied by means of continuous, modern technology from a single source.


  • Integrated, cross-sector and smart complete solution
  • Solutions for decentralized energy systems that cover all levels and segments of combined heat, power and cooling:
    Local and district heating networks, districts, cogeneration plants, heating stations, storages and local substations
  • Renewable energies such as solar thermal, biogas, biomass and photovoltaic are optimally integrated
  • Standard components in robust industrial design make the systems reliable and easy to maintain

Solutions from a single source. They consist of a basic systems (standard IT products), our basis functions for control and automation engineering and our sector packages for gas, water, electricity and heat, plus customer specific add-ons.

Typical plants

  • Heating plants, contracting facilities, industrial supply facilities
  • District and local heating supply networks, larger buildings, industrial and commercial facilities
  • Object supply (MFH), residential and nursing homes, indoor swimming pools, water treatment plants
  • Public power supply, auxiliary power supply and demand optimization, emergency power systems
  • Alone grid systems, backup solutions and emergency generators,
  • Current-cogeneration and electric heaters