All sectors. All sizes. All parameters. All satisfied.

The increasing complexity in the generation and distribution of energy, in the form of heat, electricity, gas as well as the water supply, requires sustainable and more intelligent solutions with vision. This applies to CHP plants as well as to the use of renewable energies and ultimately to sector coupling. This is exactly what we combine in our energy supply solutions.

Project-specific adaptation determines the value of a solution. While cost-intensive programming is the industry standard, with us a simple configuration is enough.

That‘s what we call smart!

So you want to get the maximum in flexibility, economy and reliability? Then you will rightly turn your attention to the measurement and control technology. At the same time, you want all aspects of plant management to be simple, convenient and adaptable? Then you will probably attach importance to a state-of-the-art control technology that fits seamlessly with the instrumentation and control technology and is supplemented as a complete package with all services. Are we right in this assessment? If so, we are sure that you will not be left out in the cold with our higher-level, smart energy center control system.

    Solutions at a glance

    • Heating and energy stations, hybrid cogeneration plants and virtual power storage systems
    • Contracting plants, industrial power plants and interconnected control systems
    • Photovoltaics, wind power, solar thermal energy; biogas and biomass (residual materials, wood chips, sewage sludge, etc.)
    • District and local heating supply for neighborhoods, city districts, large properties and industrial estates
    • Real estates supply, indoor swimming centers, clinics and nursing homes
    • Isolated grid systems, backup solutions and emergency power system