Data Acquisition


Collect, analyze and
optimize at any time.

Energy management requires reliable figures. Without the accurate recording of all measurement and meter data, the energy optimization according to ISO 50001 becomes a challenge. The AVAT SE²DAQ data logger delivers the correct numbers and measured values ​​directly from the plants and forwards them to the energy management system in real time. Whether new or existing systems does not matter - the intelligence of SE²DAQ makes it any time universal and connected.

In addition, the SE²DAQ brings everything from capture to measurement to analysis and reporting. The advantages of precise data acquisition via flexible inputs with simple and intuitive configuration and seamless connection to the energy management system, such as our SE²MANAGER. Thus, the measurement data are always immediately available and can be used in real time for analysis and ultimately for the optimization of the entire energy system.

As a user, you have access to every single data collector in your system. Configuring instead of programming, starting measurements and just keeping track of the measurement data are some of the benefits.

Benefits AVAT SE²DAQ

  • Reliable basis for a fully automated EnMS/EMS according to ISO 50001
  • Accurate recording of all common meter and measured types
    such as analogue and digital signals, counting pulses or interfaces (e.g. M-Bus or CHP controllers)
  • Direct reading and analysis of all management-relevant energy data
  • Display of all consumption and process data (electricity, water, gas, steam, pressure, etc.)
  • Energy data acquisition with a variety of protocols (IEC 60870, Modbus, etc.)
  • Flexible integration into higher-level control systems (Modbus Ethernet Gateway)
  • Modular hardware concept with freely expandable I/O module
  • Encrypted VPN connection wired or via mobile network
  • Cost effective and easy to install, whether for new plants or existing plants
  • Optionally ready wired in an E-box as well as commissioning