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We are the highly specialized energy engineering partner for large gas engine control systems and automation solutions for decentralized power generation and energy management.

Engine & Cogeneration plant control

Based on the open and flexible openECS hardware and software components, you can realise almost any large gas engine and cogeneration plant control system you can envisage.

Decentralized Energy Systems

Scalable solutions for cross-divisional automation of the process and control level to the fuse of municipal and commercial energy supply.


Unification creates efficiency - one system fits all!

Standardize your entire engine pool with one fitted system for Engine- and CHP-control and thus making it significantly efficient! Find out how...


TEM-Evo Retrofit: Plug & Run controller for MWM gas engines

E²CON-TE is tailored for an easy and quick modernization of MWM gas engines for updating the Series TBG 616, 620, 632, and TCG 2016, 2020 and...


Complete control System for engines and CHP plants

Realise almost any engine and cogeneration plant control system you can envisage. Based on the modular openECS system, you can implement a...


Award "Großer Preis des Mittelstandes" 2018 goes to AVAT

One of the most important and coveted economic awards in Germany is given to us by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation last saturday. Almost 5,000...