E²CON-TE: TEM-Evo Retrofit for
modernizing MWM gas engines

With the experience we gained on well over 10,000 engine controllers for DEUTZ and MWM gas engines, we are confident we have designed the optimum solution for their modernisation. Taking current needs into account and anticipating future challenges. This new engine management system is based on openECS, and is conceived as a risk-free conversion for replacing the TEM-Evo controllers that were delivered as standard equipment on DEUTZ and MWM engines.

New plant concepts and operating modes demand a flexible engine control system that on the one hand can manage operation at the engine's mechanical limits and on the other hand enables an engine to be quickly and simply adapted to new requirements.

Advantages AVAT E²CON-TE

  • Simple commissioning
    TEM-Evo-trained service technicians can exchange the system themselves, commission it and adapt it the plant
  • Delivery
    of a complete scope-of-supply including circuit diagram, installation instructions, functional description, list of limit values and parameter descriptions
  • Web Interface
    to the E²PILOT workstation for direct insight onto the controller from any web-capable client
  • Optional Connection
    to the AVAT VIRTUAL SERVICE CENTER for an overview of all connected plants and to an alarm management system with live status
  • VHPready
    for straightforward integration of the plant into a virtual power plant, without the need for an overriding control system to cover this function

Familiar technology brought right up-to-date

Based on the open and flexible openECS hardware and software components and the robust M1 industrial controller from Bachmann, E²CON-TE offers significantly more scope for individual system adaptation and expansion. Likewise, E²CON-TE enables the control of complete peripheral systems to be readily implemented, or connections into SCADA systems and virtual power plants to be easily realised. Further information about the openECS principle here.

Plug & Run Retrofit
Fast and simple system update by means of a pre-configured control cabinet for direct installation on site. Generator-set cabling can be retained and only renewed when "natural" degradation dictates.

Parameter Conversion
The risk-free update is achieved via a unique parameter converter. The system's major control functions, such as start/stop, emissions control and control of peripherals behave the same after the retrofit as they did before. In this way AVAT optimally minimizes the risk that the modernization of a competitor's system could lead to a deterioration in control functions.

Smart Communication
The connection to the E²PILOT workstation and to E²SERVICE service tool no longer involves serial interfaces but are completely ethernet-based. This enables simultaneous operation.

Extended Parameter Accessibility
More scope for individual system adaptation and expansion to specific operating conditions. The familiar control functions of TEM-Evo have been further optimised and are available in their accustomed quality.

Optimised Operation
The familiar operating concept as well as the parameter views are retained. With the new operator interface of E²PILOT, anyone who knows the earlier system will soon be at ease and confident enough to start work. In addition, with E²SERVICE service technicians have available a comprehensive service and diagnostic tool.

E²CON-TE is already prepared for the future requirements of the network connection standard VDE 4110 and for the more flexible operation of plants according to BDEW specifications.


  • Closed-loop control of engine speed, power and air/gas mixture via a single, robust and fast multi-variable controller
  • Faster engine run-up for flexible operation
  • Start/Stop sequences for island and grid-parallel Operation
  • Wastegate control and ignition management
  • High selectivity knock control of individual cylinders
  • Misfire detection with automatic power reduction down to engine shutdown
  • Cogeneration plant control (peripherals)
  • Closed-loop control and monitoring of all cooling and heating circuits
  • Fan control for dry and hybrid coolers
  • Control of flow-side temperature even in part load operation


  • MWM gas engines types TBG 616, 620 and 632 such as TCG 2016, 2020 and 2032
  • Biogas, natural gas or special gases
  • 500 to 4500 kW output rang
  • 8 to 20 cylinders


  • Containerized system or installation in permanent structures
  • CHP plant with waste heat recover
  • Gen-sets as electrical power modules

One Window to the Engine - with 15" capacitive touchscreen.

  • Rapid overview of engine and peripherals
  • Interactive operating log, long term data storage and configurable trends
  • Snapshot function - a single operation saves all control data into a single file

Highly dynamic multi-variable controller with direct actuator drive in one module.

  • Controls directly throttle valves and wastegate actuators
  • Stepper motor driver for gas mixer control

Reliably detects combustion knock and misfires on the basis of structure-borne noise signals.

  • Knock control of individual cylinders
  • Additional misfire detection

Our VPN industrial router for safe remote access via Internet is serially integrated.

  • Internet access via broadband connection or direct via the mobile network (LTE)
  • For remote access and maintenance as well as Cloud and virtual service tasks
  • Optional access to sub-systems, such as easYgen

E²SERVICE (optional)
The software for ambitious service technicians. Task orientated graphical user interface for:

  • Commissioning and optimisation of controller settings
  • Diagnostics
  • Maintenance

Bachmann CPU
Robust industrial controller as the control system's basis. Programmable according to industry-wide PLC Standard IEC 61131-3.

  • CPU for engine management and control of peripherals
  • Ethernet interface for visualization and SCADA system

Engine relevant I/O
Flexibly expandable with analog and digital inputs and outputs.

  • Sensors, engine and peripherals
  • Signals to and from the management system

Auxiliary system I/O
Flexibly adaptable to the individual plant configuration.

  • Ancillary systems control for pumps, valves and fans etc.
  • CAN connection
  • Installation in the auxiliary drives cabinet

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