E²CON-CHP: complete control system
for all kind of engines and CHP modules

The further development of gas engines and new cogeneration plant operating concepts demand a flexible engine controller. One that can keep the engine operating safely at the limit of its mechanical performance while at the same time integrating it seamlessly into the cogeneration plant or into a whole network of plants.

Based on the open and flexible openECS hardware and software components, the E²CON-CHP creates a control system for the entire CHP modules including the gas engine. For typical applications we already have tried-and-tested configurations - from circuit drawings to system visualization. The ideal starting point for coming to your new and scalable solution with minimal adjustments. Further information about the openECS principle here.


Advantages AVAT E²CON-CHP

  • One control system for both the engine and the CHP modules
  • Direct NOx control application, including cloud monitoring, for ensuring
    compliance with the emission limits set by the 44th BImSchV
  • Very fast and robust multi-variable closed-loop controller
  • Rapid engine run-up to operating speed for a flexible operation
  • Wastegate control for improved efficiency
  • Grid protection
  • Flexibly expandable and adaptable at all time
  • H2-ready for future hydrogen applications up to 100%

Certification: For the use of E²CON-CHP according to VDE-AR-N 4110 (TCR Medium Voltage) Code of Practice, a certificate is available. Request our list of certified combinations of gas engines, generators and electronic components already certified with E²CON-CHP. If our already certified modules do not cover your requirements, our modular TCR certificate at a fixed price will help you – contact us now!

The "Technical Connection Rules Medium Voltage" VDE-AR-N 4110 (TCR Medium Voltage) Code of Practice, defines the requirements for energy systems at this voltage level. Manufacturers have to comply these technically binding standards in Europe in order to enhace the energy plants and grids in the long term.

Functions, Engines & Applications

  • Closed-loop control of engine speed, power and air/gas mixture via a single, robust and fast multi-variable controller
  • Start/Stop sequences for island and grid-parallel operation
  • Wastegate control and ignition management
  • High selectivity knock control of individual cylinders
  • Misfire detection with automatic power reduction downto engine shutdown
  • Monitoring of all sensors and measured values
  • CAN connection to the ignition system
  • Cogeneration plant control (peripherals)
  • Closed-loop control and monitoring of all cooling andheating circuits
  • Fan control for dry and hybrid coolers
  • Control of flow-side temperature even in part load operation

Engines and actuators

  • Premix, lean burn gas engines from
    MAN, Liebherr, MTU, Perkins, Caterpillar, etc.
  • 250 to 2000 kW output range
  • 4 to 20 cylinders
  • Natural gas, biogas, wooden gas or special gases as well as hydrogen (H2)
  • Exhaust gas turbocharger with option of wastegate actuation
  • Central venturi gas mixer with stepper motor control
  • High voltage capacitor ignition systems
  • Two-stage intercooler


  • Stationary cogeneration plant applications
  • Containerized system or installation in permanent structures
  • Engine cooling circuit with emergency cooling via dry cooler
  • Intercooler circuit with dry cooler
  • Heat extraction via engine coolant and exhaust gas heat exchanger
  • Synchronous AC generator, low or medium voltage
  • Grid code compliance

Sales and Service Partners

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