A multi-award-winning project: Technical integration of H2 generation and hydrogen application.

The technical integration of hydrogen is no longer a pipe dream for us: For the research project H2ORIZON, a joint project of ZEAG Energie AG and the German Aerospace Center (DLR), we ensure a successful sector coupling of electricity, gas (hydrogen & natural gas), heat, mobility and space technology.

The H2ORIZON project includes a state-of-the-art energy center. Its intelligent control is handled by our  SE2MASTER. It ensures that the electrolyzer, 2 combined heat and power units (CHP), a peak load boiler and 2 heat storage units work in perfect harmony. In this way, not only are the buildings at the DLR site in Lampoldshausen reliably supplied with heat, but the admixture of hydrogen to the fuel natural gas in a CHP process is also investigated in parallel.


In addition to 16 other standardized energy center controllers, the energy center controller is connected to the central ZEAG control technology, based on our SE2OPERATOR, our universal platform for all conceivable control technology applications. It is the central tool for the visual display of the current process states, control, monitoring and optimization of the operating processes between wind farm, electrolyser, heating center, the DLR site supply and the research facilities located there.

End-to-end supply solution
and intelligent networking

Customer Benefit
  • Consistent standardization from process to product enables time- and cost-optimized implementation and flexible integration of additional interfaces - as required
  • Higher-level, central control technology enables remote access to the energy centers and transfer stations
  • Consistent supply solution offers transparency and allows the operator to efficiently monitor and operate the plants at any time
  • High supply and system security as well as flexibility

About the H2ORIZON research project

The project focuses on "green" hydrogen - produced in a climate-friendly way from surplus electricity from a wind farm (Power-to-Gas, P2G), and thanks to its great application potential, a valuable energy carrier of the future.

To this end, part of the electricity generated at the Harthäuser Wald wind farm (this has a considerable size of 55 MW) is made available to the electrolyzer on the H2ORIZON site at DLR's Lampoldshausen site via a direct connection. The electrolyzer does not need to be connected to the grid, which significantly increases its cost-effectiveness, as it does not incur any end-user charges such as the EEG surcharge, electricity tax and grid usage fees. The 880 kW PEM electrolyzer splits water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity from wind power.

The green hydrogen is compressed to 350 bar, filled into a trailer and - depending on the specific application - can be transported or stored. Due to its purity (99.999%), it can be used not only in heat generation but in all mobility applications - from fuel cell cars to local public transport. DLR even uses green hydrogen in engine research - for the climate-friendly discovery of space.

For this innovative project, ZEAG has received, among others, the VfW Innovation Award and E&M Contracting Award 2020.You can find out more by clicking on this link (only in German available).

You can find out more about the pioneering hydrogen project here on the project website (only in German available).