GPOWER 2021: China's path to climate-friendly power generation

China has set itself big goals for the climate turnaround. As early as 2030, the country's emissions are to drop significantly, and by 2050 President Xi Jinping wants to make China CO2-neutral. This brings major challenges for plant operators. With intelligent, precisely coordinated control of the engine and exhaust gas cleaning / catalytic converter, emissions can be reliably regulated - without compromising performance or exceeding strict limits. Curtain up for E²CON-CHP. Our engine and CHP module control system regulates safe operation at the mechanical limits, fully integrating the engine into the CHP plant or into a whole network of plants.

And hydrogen is not only an exciting topic here. In China, too, large sums are currently being invested in research and the expansion of the H2 industry. We therefore expect that gas engines and their control systems will have to be H2-ready in the future. It's a good thing that our control solutions have always been designed to do more than just control pure natural gas engines. Our E²CORE multivariable controller incorporates all available manipulated variables. The result is a highly dynamic response to deviations, i.e. fast and stable compensation of temperature and gas quality fluctuations, and improved efficiency while complying with emission limits. This is why we are also the expert in China for the control and precise regulation of engines running on different proportions of biogas, hydrogen, mine gas or other special gases.

Whether gas or H2 - we are ready and looking forward to GPOWER 2021 from June 17 - 19 in Shanghai - hall E6, booth 501 + 502.

Learn more about China's leading energy exhibition GPOWER 2021 here.