AVAT CLOUD: engine management
ready for the future and Big Data

A critical success factor for tomorrow's service models is the availability of large quantities of data residing in cogeneration plants and controllers. Outputs, engine speeds, the number of system starts, temperatures, pressures, voltages, fill levels, actuator and valvestatus are continuously monitored. All this operating data is stored and, to some extent, evaluated in the controllers themselves, and displayed via web-based tools.

Operators and service providers make active use of data from controllers installed on site. Visualizations showing how engine and plant data change over time are an efficient tool for extending service life and improving maintenance. Patterns are recognized rapidly by means of automated analytics processes, enabling the early identification of potential problems - and potential improvements.

Advantages AVAT CLOUD

  • Systematic early fault recognition and engine optimization
  • Predictive maintenance and replacement planning
  • Continuous forecast of availability and profitability
  • Long-term storage of operating logs, history and parameters

Sales and Service Partners

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