CIMAC World Congress - We are present!

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The International Council on Combustion Engines, CIMAC, is meeting again this June after four years to discuss the future development of the gas engine industry. From June 12-16, experts from all over the world will come to Busan, Korea, and so will we.

Klaus Schmid, our Head of Research & Development will talk about Combustion Control based on Low Cost Vibration Sensors for Variable Fuel Otto Engines.

Contents of his presentation are:

  • Future fuels and fuel flexibility
  • Combustion properties of future fuels (eg. hydrogen)
  • Combustion monitoring and control
  • Detection of combustion properties using cost-effective vibration sensors



In the next decades we will be facing huge environmental challenges due to the climate change. Experts from all over the world are working on technical alternatives which allow to keep our living standards whilst better protecting our planet. So does the International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) as leading dialogue platform for experts in combustion engines worldwide, including engine manufacturers, component and system suppliers, power plant operators and others.

See the preliminary programm of CIMAC CONGRESS 2023 here.

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