We are the highly specialized energy engineering partner for gas engine and cogeneration plant control systems as well as for regional and industrial energy supply solutions, energy management and virtual grids.

H2ready: our free, brand-new whitepaper for plant operators

What will operators of gas engines and CHP plants have to prepare for in the future when it comes to H2? We'll give you the answers. Click here…


E²CON-CHP: one control system for any gas engine and the CHP plant

With only one control unit, the engine and the entire CHP modules are controlled safely and flexibly. Ready and tested engine and system…


SE²MASTER: configurable heating and energy station controller

Superordinate control of hybrid energy stations including heat, power and storage management as well as grid feed-in control. Convenient…


SE²OPTIMIZER: on site plant optimization with AI forecasts

Our intelligent asset optimizer can be connected to virtually any power trading platform. It independently makes available existing storage…


Sustainable solutions on the horizon for the maritime industry

It won't get any easier, emissions have to come down drastically, alternative propulsion concepts have to be further developed. Along with…


Time to celebrate: 25 years of TEM-Evo gas engine control - watch it!

We are celebrating 25 years of TEM Evolution - still one of the most reliable gas engine control systems in the world. The success story…


Long-term availability of spare parts for TEM-Evo systems

Support and spare parts for all TEM-Evo systems are available long-term. Together with Caterpillar Energy Solutions Mannheim, we have…


CROSS SECTOR SOLUTIONS: Modular. Integrated. Scalable.

Digitalize the entire energy supply across all energies and sectors with just one consitent solution. At any point in the energy supply chain –…