Big ideas. Big actions. Big profit. Big thing.

Flexibility is the new commodity of the energy economy. And the jump to the virtual power plant is a business decision that you don’t just make based on a gut feeling. Have you already done the calculations and determined the economic prospects? Do you want to achieve maximum use of the renewable energy potential and make a significant contribution to CO2 reduction?

If you are just looking for the certainty that comes with having competent and consistent assistance during the implementation of your project, then we have something interesting to talk about.

Regardless of which mix of energy sources and plants you want to combine as a grid and which infrastructures already exist: Our solutions will fit. Project-specific customization, but with a maximum number of standard technologies and existing software modules. On this basis, when you redo the calculations, the first result will be confirmed or even exceeded: The virtual power plant technology makes great profit. In the real world.

Talk to us about our ready to use solution SE²OPTIMIZERand SE²BOXand realize your innovative concept to be part of a smart Energy Grid Solution in short time.

That‘s what we call smart!

Your benefits

  • Sector coupling
  • Forecast-based generation, load and storage management
  • Timetable optimization
  • Flexibility marketing
  • Decentralized: Load forecasts and flexibility
  • Centralized: Aggregation and target timetables

On your path from a purely heat-driven CHP to a CHP based on electricity exchange prices and grid benefits, our solution opens up a number of advantages:

  • Demand side management
  • Cost and revenue optimization with simultaneous grid-beneficial operation
  • Purchase and feed-in of electricity shifts to lucrative times
  • Higher revenues due to trading on the electricity exchange
  • As the operator, you retain full control of your systems and data


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