Big ideas. Big actions. Big profit. Big thing.

Flexibility is the new commodity of the energy economy. And the jump to the virtual power plant, to make production and power generation plants more economic, is a business decision that you don’t just make based on a gut feeling. You have already calculated and discovered economic prospects for yourself?

If you are just looking for the certainty that comes with having competent and consistent assistance during the implementation of your project, then we have something interesting to talk about and the right solutions: SE²DIRECTOR, SE²OPTIMIZER or our SE²BOX

On this basis, when you redo the calculations, the first result will be confirmed or even exceeded: The virtual power plant technology makes great profit. In the real world.

That‘s what we call smart!


  • Sector Coupling
  • Forecast-based generation, load and storage management
  • Timetable Optimization and Flexibility Marketing
  • Decentralized: Load forecasts and flexibility
  • Centralized: Aggregation and target timetables

Plant optimization via VPP

So whether you want to operate a virtual power plant yourself and which mix of plants you then connect with the SE²DIRECTOR, or in the future you will become part of a smart network with the artificially intelligent SE²OPTIMIZER and your plant or simply "only" with the SE²BOX your production unit to connect to the net - does not matter. Project-specific, individually and with a maximum proportion of standardized technology and software, everything is already ready for the more cost-efficient use of the systems.

This makes our solutions stable, reliable and user-friendly. The homogeneous communication infrastructure, coordinated interfaces and an uniform control concept ensure highly efficient and cost-effective operation in energy networks.

We will demonstrate the technically and economically useful optimization potential to you, suggest suitable marketing options, and ensure the successful technical implementation – with a coherent concept and an economical solution.

Situational analysis

  • Consultation with stock taking
  • Choice of suitable plants
  • Simulation calculation
  • Economic efficiency analysis

System design

  • Evaluation of technical framework conditions
  •  Integration of existing systems
  • Design of new systems
  • Measurement and control technology


  • Spot market trade
  • Intraday trade (EPEX)
  • Balancing energy marketing

System integration

  • Delivery and installation of the components
  • Data-technical connection of the energy systems
  • Commissioning on-site
  • Service and support

Use optimization

  • Feed-in management
  • Generation and load forecasts
  • Operational strategies for schedule management
  • Plant control and communications platform

Overview of overall solution

  • System technology
  • Optimization of use
  • Marketing for energy systems

Together we create the optimal starting conditions for optimizing the application of your decentralized energy systems and their marketing.