The fastest track to the
new engine management

The Open Customer Application contains all the governors, sequences and functions which control and monitor the behaviour of the engine or peripherals. Engine builders or plant engineers get unlimited access to the source codes of the level and can thus look at details or change them himself.

A special feature of openECS is its central database. The characteristics of all important data objects are configured at a central location, so that all monitoring, logging and recording functions on the platform run in the background. Via a dynamically variable program configuration, continuous monitoring or complex release conditions can be implemented. In this way a uniform functionality is achieved over all levels and simplified testability attained.

A powerful development environment offering all the features of a modern SPS is available for programming, in several programming languages according to IEC 61131-3.

Start with one of the AVAT Standard Applications in PLC source code. Adapt it to your specific engine and run your own tailored Engine Control System in short time.

AVAT Standard applications
Available for different engine types, our standard applications cover already 80% of your requirements.

Make the system fit your engine
Simply edit our standard specification. Adapt the system yourself or let our development engineers do it for you.

Ready for production in short time
Business is more than a running engine. We assist in any issue from staff training to documentation and classification.