AVAT E²CON: indepentent control system
already fits all engines and CHP-applications

The development of new engine controllers is our daily business. With experience as a developer and manufacturer of the TEM-Evo control system for MWM gas engines - deployed in thousands of cogeneration plants - and more than 8,500 custom engine controllers, we are confident we can provide the best solution for your needs. For over 25 years, thus we have partnered world-leading manufacturers of gas engines, packagers and plant engineers. In doing so we support our clients with practical experience in all the phases of the project for as long as it takes to reach a plant's design Goals.

Based on the open and flexible openECS hardware and software components, we can realise almost any gas or dual fuel engine control system you can envisage. For typical applications we already have tried-and-tested configurations - from circuit drawings to system visualization. The ideal starting point for coming to an independent and always scalable solution with minor adjustments.

Advantages AVAT E²CON

  • Plug & Run solution
  • Compact system layout
  • Flexibly expandable and adaptable at all times
  • Powerful diagnostic tools
  • Spare parts availability over many years

One System fits all
With our openECS construction kit principle with a single concept you can implement control from any kind of gas engines, to the generator and the whole auxiliary systems, up to central SCADA systems.

Compact layout
By the use of our compact AVAT Technology Modules, the space requirement on the mounting plate is reduced by around 50% compared with conventional layouts with the same scope of functions.

Comprehensive scope-of-supply
The AVAT Applications are delivered with all circuit diagrams, installation instructions, descriptions of functional characteristics and parameters, and lists of limit values. EPLAN libraries and complete circuit diagrams are available for all the components applied.