E²PRECON: The key to cylinder pressure
based combustion control of large engines

With the E²PRECON series we have been pioneering in the area of ​​cylinder-pressure-controlled engine control since 2006. E²PRECON offers comprehensive real-time cylinder pressure analysis in a compact size and supports a wide range of cylinder pressure sensors from various manufacturers.

Using well-proven digital signal processing algorithms E²PRECON computes combustion characteristics for each cylinder and every combustion cycle. These are the key parameters engine builders need to implement advanced combustion control, monitoring and diagnosis.

Incorporating thermodynamic models, E²PRECON modules calculates net heat release and pattern of heat release rate (HRR). From this, the important combustion parameters Start (SoC), Duration (DoC) and Center of Combustion (CoC) are computed. Indicated mean effective pressures (IMEP), peak pressures and knock levels are provided as well.

Since cylinder pressure sensors have a limited life time, sensor health monitoring and signal plausibility checks are included.

Advantages AVAT E²PRECON

  • Suitable for any engine with the modules for 4, 12 or 20 cylinders
  • Cylinder pressure based combustion control
  • Cylinder-individual combustion characteristics
  • Enables balancing, misfireand knock detection
  • Interface to condition monitoring systems
  • One service tool assists in engine diagnostics and optimization
  • Library for Bachmann PLC included (others on request)

E²PRECON series at a glance

With the E²PRECON-c control components, the most compact modules for a cylinder-pressure-based combustion control of up to 20 cylinders, with a multitude of additional functions, are available for use in stationary gas engines.

The marine version E²PRECON-M, was specially developed by us for on engine operation. Likewise the use in harsh environments is certainly possible. The M-Series is already prepared for the marine certifications according to ABS, BV, DNV GL and LR.



Sensor typeCylinder pressure
4-20 mA / 0-5V
Cylinder pressure
4-20 mA
Knock detectionBulletBullet
Misfire detectionBulletBullet
Heat release (HR)BulletBullet
SoC, CoC, DoCBulletBullet
NOx estimationBulletBullet
Cylinder diagnosisBulletBullet
InterfacesUSB / CANEthernet / CAN
No. of channels4 / 12 / 20
one sensor per cylinder
12 / 24 (2 modules)
one sensor per cylinder
MountingCabinet, near engineOn-engine
Engine adaptationWith service toolBy AVAT
Marine Type ApprovalABS, BV, DNV GL, LR