E²KNOCKCON: Reliable control knocking
and misfiring onshore and offshore

The E²KNOCKCON series offers reliable knock and misfire detection with high sensitivity in a compact size. Up to 20 sensors for structure-borne sound are mounted in appropriate places on the engine and connected directly to the E²KNOCKCON. Our modules for anti-knock control and misfire detection are proven on more than 7,000 engines.

Using sophisticated digital signal processing algorithms the knock information is reliably filtered from the customary engine noises even under challenging acoustic conditions. E²KNOCKCON computes knock levels and ignition timings for each engine working cycle and transfers them to the engine control system or to the ignition system directly.

But there is far more useful data in structure-borne sound than that. E²KNOCKCON reliably detects misfiring and irregular combustion timings with no extra sensors and considerably faster than other methods.


  • Suitable for any engine with the modules for 4, 12 or 20 cylinders
  • Cylinder-individual knock control
  • Reliable misfire detection
  • High sensitivity and selectivity
  • Easy to integrate via CAN bus to engine control systems or PLCs
  • Direct communication to ignition system (option)
  • Library for Bachmann PLC included (others on reques)

E²KNOCKCON series at a glance

With the E²KNOCKCON-c control components, the most compact modules for controlling up to 20 cylinders, with a multitude of additional functions, are available for use in stationary gas engines.

The marine version E²KNOCKCON-M, was specially developed by us for on engine operation. Likewise the use in harsh environments is certainly possible. The M-Series is already prepared for the marine certifications according to ABS, BV, DNV GL and LR.



Sensor typeKnock Sensors
Knock Sensors
Knock detectionBulletBullet
Misfire detectionBorder BulletBorder Bullet
Heat release (HR)
SoC, CoC, DoC
NOx estimation
Cylinder diagnosisBulletBullet
InterfacesUSB / CANEthernet / CAN
No. of channels4 / 12 / 20
single / double sense
or per bank
12 / 24 (2 modules)
single / double sense
MountingCabinet, near engineOn-engine
Engine adaptationWith service toolBy AVAT
Marine Type ApprovalABS, BV, DNV GL, LR