Our technology modules for real
engine control systems and more performance

The control of modern gas and dual-fuel engines requires precise and dependable combustion data for each individual cylinder, in order run the engine at high efficiency close to its load limit while at the same time protecting it from overload. This is where AVAT combustion control devices come into the picture. They compute combustion parameters out of the complex sensor signals and transmit them to the engine controller via a CAN-Bus interface.

Multi-Actuators-Control with E²CORE

The real strength of theE²CORE modules lies in the multivariable control of the engine using all available actuating variables. The result is the fastest possible reaction times to deviations and optimised efficiency while complying with emissions limits.

Structure-borne noise evaluation with E²KNOCKCON

The structure-borne noise pick-ups, commonly known as knock sensors, have been used for many years for the detection of combustion knock. But there is significantly more information contained in their signals. E²KNOCKCON modules can also detect misfires individually on the basis of combustion noise and communicate the information direct to the engine controller.

Cylinder pressure analysis with E²PRECON

Measuring the pressure pattern in the cylinder is the method of choice for acquiring precise characteristic values for combustion. E²PRECON modules computes power, peak pressure, knocking intensity and the temporal combustion pattern for each cylinder and each individual combustion event.