Every gas engine. Every type. Every size. Everyone efficient.

With more than 25 years of experience and the expertise of more than 12,500 engine management systems, we have repeatedly revolutionized the cobustion control of large gas, dual fuel and CHP engines for sustainable and decentralized power generation. Among other things, as the developer and supplier of the 1000-times built TEM-Evo controls and single components.

With our openECS modular system, we have gone one step further and today we are the manufacturer-independent supplier and partner for individual control solutions, Plug & Run complete engine control systems and single control components for highly dynamic multi-variable control of actuators, for knock and misfire detection as well as for cylinder pressure-based control. Also for solutions for predictive remote maintenance by means of widely available engine data.

OPEN means openECS.

  • Open to new requirements.
  • Open to include third-party components.
  • Open to develop Software-Extensions yourself.

That‘s what we call smart!

The world's leading engine manufacturers, plant builders and service providers benefit significantly from this holistic know-how and rely on our further-developed control systems, dynamic components and advanced applications in the stationary and maritime sectors.

openECS System

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Control Components

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