In the middle it is warmest

Measured value acquisition in combination with regulation and control tasks represents an important function in process management engineering.

With the SE2MASTER - Heating and Energy Station Controller - you get a control system with which you can operate and visualise the complete plant from a single location.

The controller is reliable and durable while they employ robust industrial components. The graphic touch operating interface offers a high degree of user-friendliness and a clearly represented plant visualisation. The operating philosophy provides a consistent appearance for the control system, in the heating plant, in the district heating station and at the local heat transfer station.


  • Superordinate control of hybrid power stations including storage management and grid feed-in control
  • Convenient configuration and automated connection to the grid control system
  • Interfaces to the energy management system and the virtual power plant
  • Color touch panel, which can be accessed directly or remotely, ensures optimal ease-of-use down to the individual controller
  • Monitoring functions, fault annunciation system
  • Visualisation of the hydraulic plan
  • Trend curve representation
  • Extensive parameter setting potential