A smooth grid control system

The decentralization of power generation plants is rapidly increasing the number of plants and components in power grids. Continually growing volumes of data and more complex control tasks, combined with a simultaneous focus on a more energetic and economical mode of operation, are the result – and also a challenge that must be met.

We are experts in how “packs” form in the energy sector.<
We even know the alpha wolf: SE²OPERATOR

The SE²OPERATOR is the central tool for visually representing current process states and controlling, monitoring, and optimizing workflows in supply networks.

And the best part: the SE²OPERATOR easily controls multiple heating or energy plants in the integrated control network, without the well-known oscillations in the overall system.


  • Monitoring and operating the systems and networks
  • Operational management and optimization
  • Emergency planning and use management
  • Alarming, reporting and trending
  • Remote access and control

Cross-divisional complete solution

As with our solutions at the plant level, we rely on open, high-performance system components that meet industry standards, and on a proven system environment. This means that the SE²OPERATOR control system is based on the object-oriented, database-supported client/server SCADA standard software and forms the universal platform for any possible control technology application. Equipped with the usual functions such as trending, reporting and remote maintenance, the SE²OPERATOR offers additional special functions such as multi-user, multiple languages, on-call management with traceability of operations, and support for distributed systems.

Individual extensions round out the complete system. We use this powerful platform as the foundation for our specially developed, industry-agnostic modules for the automation and process control level. The SE²OPERATOR can be supplemented as required with sector modules for:

  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water

Vertical transparency throughout the entire network

The SE²OPERATOR visualizes the entire network from heating plants to transfer stations and ensures direct control of all systems. No matter how many components already exist or will be added – the SE²OPERATOR control system provides you with the best possible connection.

Modern plants are subject to constant changes and new requirements. The SE²OPERATOR system is adaptable and grows with your needs.

A sophisticated, integrated and modular system is in use: from user guidance to the authorization system, from the alarm concept to how systems are connected.

From individual workstations to redundant high-end systems.

The open concept makes it possible to integrate every conceivable system and component. From the automation level up to the management level, everything meshes seamlessly.

An authorization system reduces the possibilities for operating errors. And where absolute reliability is required, the system can be set up redundantly.

Platform-agnostic and available for Windows, Linux and Solaris.