H2ready: How to fit your CHP plants for hydrogen.
Everything you need to know in our whitepaper!

Green hydrogen, produced using abundant renewable electricity and a good dose of water, is seen as a cross-industry enabler of climate change mitigation. Some say it’s completely overrated. Others believe it’s our only chance to achieve our climate goals.

And now? In the near future you will need to be able to rely on hydrogen as an energy source and operate plant control systems for gas engines and CHP units with admixtures of up to 50 % and even up to 100 % hydrogen.

To help you form your own opinion on green hydrogen, we have listed the most important pros and cons of the technology in the first part of this white paper. In the second part we give an overview of what it means for existing and new plants to be H2ready and what you should consider.

If we have your interest, our experts will be happy to provide you with detailed expert advice afterwards.

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