Supply of spare parts and support for TEM-Evo systems ensured for the long term

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Together with Caterpillar Energy Solutions, the manufacturer of highly efficient gas gensets for decentralized power generation, we have further enhanced the excellent cooperation in a new cooperation agreement. Customers who are operating or planning plants with TEM-Evo systems will thus obtain a reliable, sustainable and economic perspective for the future. Support and spare parts availability for all TEM-Evo systems is long-term guaranteed.

Frank Ganssloser, our CEO, emphasized during the signing of the contract: "We think long-term. This was important to us in the past and is also reflected in the continuation of our beneficial partnership. For our customers, this means reliability and the excellent service they are used to over many years". Uwe Sternstein, Head of Service and Managing Director of Caterpillar Energy Solutions, added: "I am pleased that today, we have secured the continuation of the highly successful collaboration between our companies, which has already existed for more than 25 years, on a long-term basis".

The cooperation also provides a centralised competence centre at Caterpillar Energy Solutions. All technical and commercial inquiries will be bundled and handled exclusively by the Mannheim based company. Thanks to the expanded cooperation between the two companies, customers will receive comprehensive support for all technical and commercial issues, a reliable supply of spare parts and continued first-class service throughout the entire life of their plants.

Here you can find the official press release of CES and AVAT about the continuing cooperation